New bee hive equipment.

WELL, what do we have here!??.

Tis my new bee hive equipment!.

Went up to Shanvaus Apiary on Saturday 9th April to pick up some new equipment. Reiner and Monika own the Apiary, and it is where I did my bee keeping course back in 2009. The hives I use are Langstroth Polyhives. Made from polystyrene.  The picture shows roofs, floors, queen excluder, frames and foundation, lavender pellets which go in the smoker, keep the girls nice n calm!, and 3 Dadant supers.

A slightly different angle!.

I already have 3 brood boxes. 2 are in use with a colony in each. The supers go on top of the brood boxes, This is where the girls will make all their honey that is SUPERFLUOUS to requirements!. Hence the name super. The frames in the supers are the ones I will be extracting the honey from. Thanks to for their assistance.

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