Some more Finland pics.

The Finns love their American cars, we saw quite a few of them!

Lenin Museum in Tampere, the only permanent one outside of Russia. Lenin and Stalin first met here in the then Worker’s Hall in 1905.

An Easter dessert called Mammi, it does’nt look very appetising, bit like doggie doo! Made from rye flour and molasses it is cooked in the oven for a long time. Delicious with cream!

2 comments to Some more Finland pics.

  • Ali


    Finland sounds like an interesting place. Would love to visit the Lenin museum although I think I might give the dog poo Easter treat a miss……

    Hope you are all fab!
    Love to all…….go on Lettie, go commando!

    Andy, do you still access your email account??

  • Yo Diablo!.
    We both really liked Finland. Has a bit of a Communist feel with a hint of Wisconsin!. The dog poo is delicious!. Great place for gigs. Helsinki is about the same size as Dublin. I prefer it to Dublin tho. The city we were staying in (Tampere), would be about the size of Galway. Loadsa great bands seem to play there. Judas Priest n Ozzy Osbourne are playin at the big metal fest there in June. Dont get that in Galway!. I look at my email every now n again.
    Big LURVE 2 all of you, and enjoy the wedding!!.
    Andy xx.

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