Spring cleaning Daphne ‘n’ the girls shed!.

Gettin ready for action.

Daphne our donkey is now sharing a field with Smokie, who is one of our goats. The other 2 goats, mother and daughter, Enid and Bella are in a seperate field. The field they have all been in since last Winter, is being rested for a few months. Let a bit of grass grow back, and do any work that may need our attention. One job is cleaning out their shed. We start off with a bed of straw on the ground. Any animal dung is collected daily. We only collect the dung daily, we dont take out the straw. Once a week we will put a new bed down on top of the old one. This method does,nt use as much straw as if you were mucking out the whole shed daily. The big job comes in the Spring. All the layers of straw build up, and you are left with about 1 foot of compacted straw. Not that bad really, took me about 2 hours to clean it out. Job done for another Year!.


The bags you can see in the top right of the above picture, are filled with dried rushes. I strim the rushes with a blade, this keeps them intact. Strimming them with twine would obliterate them. If you are lucky enough to get a spell of dry weather, like we have had, you can collect them and use them for animal bedding.

Field of dried rushes.

The bags I put the rushes in, are ones we get compressed sawdust nuggets in. They hold half a tonne. The rushes dont weigh quite that much!. You could wear them as earrings they are that light!. Hmm, that gives me an idea, I,m off to give Lady GaGa a call!!.

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