The Polyroom!

Our friends Sue and Gordon live at the other side of Arigna village where they have a lovely farmhouse and small farm. Last year they had problems with dampness at the back of their house because the footpaths were higher than the floors inside. A conservatory would have been great as the back of the house is south facing, the cost however was prohibitive. Instead they built a frame as if going to have a conservatory but the whole thing was covered in polytunnel plastic!

The dampness problem was solved and Gordon and Sue have a great sunroom, clothes drying area, sitting area and a place for bringing on plants and seedlings. When we visited a couple of weeks ago we were both wearing jumpers, after a few minutes we had to discard them, it was roasting in there! I want one!

Gordon and Sue also sell organic feeds for all farm animals. Our goats love it and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to get it so close to home. They also sell organic fertilisers, seaweed licks and poultry housing made to order.

Check out their website @

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