Ronnie James Dio Bulgarian biscuit tribute!


On a recent trip to Bulgaria, we were doing a bit of shopping in a supermarket. Looking through the biscuit section I came across these DIO biscuits. They are a tribute to the mighty “Ronnie James Dio”, probably the best ever singer of ROCK music.


There are 3 different flavour biscuits in the range, each one named after a DIO album!. “HOLY DIVER” being the best, a “CLASSIC” even!. “THE LAST IN LINE” is not a bad biscuit,tasty enough.


On the down side. The above “SACRED HEART” biscuit should be avoided at all costs!. No taste at all to em, AWFUL just like the record really!. They also had the “HENDRIX” range of continental chocolates, plus the “ZAPPA” crazy cheese strings!!.


The above biscuits are something a bit different!. Designed for “VERTICALLY CHALLENGED” people. With a hint of VIAGRA!, I will let you work out what they are meant to be an aid for!!.

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