Using words as weapons!

Turks Turban squash "VIABLE".

Taking advantage of the "PRECIPITATION".

Large collection of "PRECIPITATION".

Painted sleeve of my leather jacket "VIABLE".

Over the past couple of months I have noticed the media coming up with fancy words to explain pretty straight forward things. First thing I noticed was the weather people using the word “PRECIPITATION” when they were expecting rain!. JUST SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN!. The word “VIABLE” appeared recently to explain a suspect item that the GARDAI thought was a bomb, and was armed and ready to explode!. JUST SAY IT WAS ARMED AND DANGEROUS!. Maybe the media are using these words to save time, so that they can fit more propoganda into their alloted news time!. I myself think they are used to make them sound “SUPERIOR”, and you and I, the downtrodden halfwits who know nothing “INFERIOR”. We are all equals, so CUT THE CRAP AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!.

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