Leave nature alone!


On our recent visit to Birr Castle, we came across a mouse being chased by a cat. Bridget, feeling sorry for the mouse decided to step in and save it from being the cats next meal!.


Bridget and Biddy (niece ), managed to pick up the mouse and chase away the cat. Biddy was just commenting on how cute the mouse was, and that she was goig to take him home, when SHE WAS BITTEN!. End of love for the mouse, I cant repeat what she actually said, but it was’nt pleasant!.

The moral of this tale is LEAVE NATURE ALONE!. The mouse was probably caught by the cat in the end, as was his destiny!. You may feel sorry for the animal being chased, but that is nature. Animals have to eat, and this is how they go about it. Animals generally kill to eat or protect themselves. Humans kill for THE LOVE OF KILLING!.

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