Lizzies 75th Birthday!

Lizzie ( Bridgets Mum )

The Lady sitting on her throne is none other than Lizzie!, who is Bridgets Mum, my Mother in law, and in general TWISTED SISTER No 1!!.

Tuesday was the big 75, so we decided to take her for a day out to Birr Castle. Also joining us was NIECE UBER ALLES, Bridget ( Biddy).

Birr Castle

Have been driving through Birr for the last 15 years on the way to visit Lizzie and Co. So it was nice to actually go and see the Castle and it’s grounds. It is absolutely beautiful!. The Castle is still a family home, so no entry there I’m afraid. The Parsons family have lived there since 1620, and have built the current castle on the site of a Norman castle dating from 1170. The grounds however are fully open to the public, and are wonderful!. They evolved from the parkland of oak and beech trees of the 17th century.

The lake, created in the 18th century

Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows surround you as you walk through the grounds. They are cut every July, to ensure that the wild flowers seed and naturally regenerate.

The Great Telescope

The telescope was constructed in the 1840s by the 3rd Earl of Rosse. It was the largest telescope in the World for over 70 years. Through this telescope the 3rd Earl discovered the Whirlpool Nebula in the 1840s. 

Millennium Gardens

Millennium Gardens

Millennium Gardens

The formal layout of the Millennium Gardens was designed by the present Earls mother to mark her marriage in 1935.  It is in the form of a monastic cloister.

Box hedges

These box hedges are over 300 years old. According to the Guinness Book of Records they are the tallest in the World!. Part of a 17th century garden layout by Sir William Parsons.

That was Lizzies 75th!, thoroughly enjoyable it was. The above are a few photos  from a selection of what there is to do at Birr Castle. It is a great day out, and I highly recommend it!.

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