Tree stump removal.

Tree stump

It has been a Year since I last built a shed, so I thought it was time for a new one. It will be a storage shed for fuel, and somewhere to shelter the trailer. It is going to be joined to the chalet I built a good few Years ago. The tree stump that has to go is from a spruce tree that was here when we bought the house 9 Years ago. The tree was actually chopped down and planked to clad the outside walls of the chalet.

Dig round stump for better access

Krishna is my co pilot!

I am not going to remove the stump exactly. I just want it below the existing ground level. There is a bit of a hump around the stump, which I can get rid of by putting the soil on top of the lowered stump. I would’nt recommend using a chainsaw as I am in the above photo!.

Gradually cut stump away in chunks

Slow and steady wins the race!

Job done!

Stump lowered!. Just a bit of tidying up to do. The sawdust I gathered up, and it will be used in the compost toilet that I will be putting in the shed.

Final bit of landscaping! STUMP GONE!

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