Lough Key ZIP WIRE!

Queueing for ZIP WIRE!

Bridget and I took my sister and her partner to Lough Key for a walk the other day. We had’nt been there for quite some time. This ZIP WIRE adventure course was quite a surprise to us.

Tree platform

It involves platforms and bridges in the trees. You start on a low platform, and slowly make your way across various rope bridges to different platforms that take you higher into the treetops.

Rope bridge & platform

No shortage of NUTTERS!

Eventually, you come to the final platform. You then hook yourself onto a ZIP WIRE, and make the quick descent back to solid ground. It is great to see this new addition to the park. It looks like it is attracting a lot of custom, which has got to be good for the local economy. I wont be going on it, as I get vertigo if I put my 3 inch heels on I’m afraid!.

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