L.J n Elaine’s permaganic paradise!

Pallet path to house

Wind and solar power

Water storage

Willow fedge


Apples in the orchard

Cosy kitchen

Our friend’s L.J and Elaine, own 6/7 acres of land over near Keadue. They are totally self sufficient. The house which L.j built consists of a mobile home with a wooden extension of the same size attached to it. Solar panels and a wind turbine provide all the electricity they need. 1000 litre water containers supply them with water. 2 polytunnels full of vegetables and lots of fruit trees and bushes keep em fed. Ok, maybe not totally self sufficient, as they still have to buy the essentials. If more people could have the vision to live like this, the World would be a better place. All it takes is a bit of hard work!, nothing wrong with that!.

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