Arigna Natural Garden, run by Bridget and Andy Beach, is situated in the beautiful and picturesque Arigna Valley, 2 miles from Arigna village, North Roscommon, in the North West of Ireland.

We have a 3 acre smallholding where we grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and salads. We have also planted a lot of fruit trees and bushes. Blackcurrants , strawberries, jostaberries and gooseberries are already very productive. In the years to come we hope our various apples, pears and plums will be equally productive.

We have 2 polytunnels where we grow vegetables, herbs and salads, mostly for our own use but we do have a small surplus for sale in the summer.  We also have a number of raised beds outside. Our manure is from our donkey Daphne and our 3 goats, Smokie, Enid and Bella. In the summer we make liquid fertilisers from comfrey and nettles. All garden waste is recycled back into the garden via the compost heap.

Our main aim is to be as self-sufficient as possible whilst looking after ourselves, our animals and our land in an earth-friendly way. The blog has a lot about gardens but also we blog about other stuff such as cookery, gardens we visit, folklore and interesting happenings.