Voice of the beehive!

All Gods creatures have a place in the choir! (episode 2)

Goats, Bees n Sun.

All the rain over the past month, and now this beautiful hot n sunny weather means the grass in the fields has shot up at a fast pace. The goats and Daphne ( she’s a donkey doncha know ), dont know where to start eating as there is so much choice!. The lovely girlie in […]

Adding super to beehive.

The weather is getting warmer, and the bees are getting busy. Time to put a super on top of the brood box. A super is a  smaller box with frames and foundation in. Super is short for superfluous. It is the honey in the super that I will be axtracting when it comes to harvesting […]

New bee hive equipment.

Went up to Shanvaus Apiary on Saturday 9th April to pick up some new equipment. Reiner and Monika own the Apiary, and it is where I did my bee keeping course back in 2009. The hives I use are Langstroth Polyhives. Made from polystyrene.  The picture shows roofs, floors, queen excluder, frames and foundation, lavender […]