Bees and Beekeeping.

Last night we attended a talk on beekeeping which was organised by the Digges Beekeeping Group, in The Commercial Hotel in Ballinamore. The speaker was Clive de Bruyn from Tiptree in Essex who is on a Spring Lecture Tour of Ireland. Clive has been a beekeeper for 40 years and is one of the world’s […]

Moving honey bees.

Since we got the bees last year we have both been learning lots about them and their likes and dislikes. One thing we have discovered is the importance of siting the hive in a spot which is agreeable to bees and humans. One of our hives was facing towards the path we enter the garden […]

3 Green Bulgarian legs!

WHAT THE ****!. Someones sent me a camels leg!!. No, I,m wrong. Its the leg from a TRANSFORMER!!. AH, it all becomes clear!. They are actually………… ……..the legs for our honey extractor!!. Our friend Julie posted them from Bulgaria last week, and they arrived this morning!. Reunited again on IRISH soil!!. HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY!!.

Our new honey extractor!

Here she is, sitting next to Bridgets Mum. Bit big for the suitcase. Had to dismantle her and put the parts in various cases. Got her on our recent trip to Bulgaria, in case you were wondering!. Safe and sound back in Ireland. Thought we may have a bit of trouble getting her out of […]

Swarm chasing!

Monday 17th May was a very muggy kinda day. I noticed the bees were a bit lively, but thought they were just enjoying the day. Oh dear!. They were busier than usual. They were ¬†getting ready to swarm. Picture above is where they decided to settle themselves. All geared up in my bee suit, I […]