Silent Sunday(Wha’ppen 2 me finger tips)?

Ronnie James Dio Bulgarian biscuit tribute!

On a recent trip to Bulgaria, we were doing a bit of shopping in a supermarket. Looking through the biscuit section I came across these DIO biscuits. They are a tribute to the mighty “Ronnie James Dio”, probably the best ever singer of ROCK music. There are 3 different flavour biscuits in the range, each […]

Beetroot chutney

Is’nt beetroot a beautiful colour, I just love it. This beetroot was planted last Autumn and I dug it up during the week as it would start to go to grow again if left in the ground any longer. This lot was turned into chutney, which is really nice. Here’s the recipe if you want […]

Valley Kitchen.

Having lots of home-grown veg is one of the joys of life, cooking and eating it all is pretty joyful too. Food miles are pretty low here, our veg garden is only about 20 yards from the kitchen. Made a lovely nutritious soup yesterday with carrots, leeks, loads of parsley and pot barley. Pot barley […]