Healthy Muffins.

Got the recipe for these muffins last year from an American woman. She was given the recipe as a cholesterol lowering treat. Peppers Oatmeal Health Muffins: 10ozs Oatmeal(flakes).     1 tbsp baking powder. 2 ozs roughly chopped walnuts. 2 ozs dark brown muscavado sugar. Handful dried cranberries (any dried fruit will do, I used raisins.)  2 […]


Picalilli is a great way to use up any summer veg still growing in the garden. I used a mix of cauliflower, onions, green beans, cucumber and peppers to make this batch.                              Picalilli Recipe: 2 lbs mixed vegetables.   1 tablespoon salt. half a pound granulated sugar. half an ounce of turmeric. half an ounce of […]

Apples,Apples Everywhere.

There is an abundance of apples this year. We have had crumbles, chutneys, jellies, tarts and raw apples. There are  also jars of stewed apple which if potted in the same manner as jam, hot jam into hot jars, keeps very well. At the weekend I made Apple Butter which is delicious. To make to you […]

Hedgerow Harvesting.

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Arigna. The mornings and evenings have that chill that denotes the changing season. I am a big foraging fan and spend many hours at this time picking various fruits and berries. My fave is the blackberry. It makes such a delicious jam . Setting is improved by adding some […]


All our herbs are doing nicely again after taking a while to recover from the severe weather. We lost our rosemary plant so that has been replaced. In April I moved them all to a new bed. I thought a fresh start with lots of manure would be appreciated . It sure seems to have […]