From a wet and windy Arigna.

As I sit here on this wet and windy January day I am thankful for the cosiness of the house and being able to┬áhibernate on days like this. Andy just gone to get animal feed from Gordon Bush who lives about a mile at the other side of Arigna. Fortunate indeed to be able to […]

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere.

Since I did the mushroom foraging day 2 weeks ago I am spotting a lot more mushrooms everywhere. Spotted these ones today in front of Arigna church growing up through a tarred road! Could hardly believe my eyes. They are Shaggy Ink Caps and usually grow in wooded areas. They are edible, delicious actually, fried […]

New Soft Fruit Area.

Recently we have added a new soft fruit area to our garden. This area was always a sort of waste area that had a ramshackle fuel shed. We have now got rid of the shed, put up a new fence, added stone edging and dug the whole area over. It has been planted with loganberries, […]