Goats, Bees n Sun.

All the rain over the past month, and now this beautiful hot n sunny weather means the grass in the fields has shot up at a fast pace. The goats and Daphne ( she’s a donkey doncha know ), dont know where to start eating as there is so much choice!. The lovely girlie in […]

Adding super to beehive.

The weather is getting warmer, and the bees are getting busy. Time to put a super on top of the brood box. A super is a  smaller box with frames and foundation in. Super is short for superfluous. It is the honey in the super that I will be axtracting when it comes to harvesting […]

New bee hive equipment.

Went up to Shanvaus Apiary on Saturday 9th April to pick up some new equipment. Reiner and Monika own the Apiary, and it is where I did my bee keeping course back in 2009. The hives I use are Langstroth Polyhives. Made from polystyrene.  The picture shows roofs, floors, queen excluder, frames and foundation, lavender […]

Moving honey bees.

Since we got the bees last year we have both been learning lots about them and their likes and dislikes. One thing we have discovered is the importance of siting the hive in a spot which is agreeable to bees and humans. One of our hives was facing towards the path we enter the garden […]

From a silent Arigna.

All is quiet here today, even the wind turbines are not moving. The only sound is the tinkle from the Arigna river as it meanders below the ice on its journey to  Lough Allen and the mighty Shannon. We walked up to our friend Don’s house this morning. Two miles (1 there and 1 back) […]