Wet day musings!

Outside work continues here despite the weather. At least it’s only a drop of rain and a bit of cold, pity those poor people in Japan at the moment. They have so much to cope with. Loss of life, homes, businesses and infrastructure. It puts everything here into perspective. I did some baking this morning, […]

Planting Bluebells.

We have long thought that Bluebells would  look lovely in this small wooded area beside the house. Went to Woodies in Carrick-on-Shannon and there they were on sale, 75% off, we bought all that was left, 11 packs, 20 in each pack, 220 bulbs. This area gets full sun for a good part of the […]

Bulbs, Sheds and Charity Shops.

There is a dusting of snow here again this morning and it is very cold. However, I am really feeling the garden ready to burst forth again despite whatever the weather may throw at it. Bulbs are already poking their heads through. Lots of bargain bulbs to be got in the shops at the moment. […]