Spring cleaning Daphne ‘n’ the girls shed!.

Daphne our donkey is now sharing a field with Smokie, who is one of our goats. The other 2 goats, mother and daughter, Enid and Bella are in a seperate field. The field they have all been in since last Winter, is being rested for a few months. Let a bit of grass grow back, […]

Daphne’s new shoes, wood collecting etc.

Daphne (our donkey) had a visit from our local farrier, Gerry Guihen on Friday. As farriers are a dying vocation in Ireland we consider ourselves to be lucky to have a good one like Gerry living in Drumshanbo. A donkeys¬†hooves grow fast so they¬†need to be pared about every 3 months. We collected a couple […]


Daphne, our manure making machine. This is Daphne who has been with us for almost three years now. We bought her at Drumshanbo horse fair. She is a great character. We will never oversleep as she bellows for her breakfast from about seven o’clock every morning. She loves carrots, potatoes(raw and cooked), oats and mollichaff […]