Bella the dancing goat!

Planting by the Moon.

Just in after a fab day spent in the garden. It was’nt very sunny but I found it a good day for working. The main emphasis was on sowing seeds. The Moon is full on Saturday, so the time is right for the sowing of vegetables that mature with the edible part above ground, forming seeds on the […]

By the light of the silvery Moon.

If you use crystals and precious stones it is good to cleanse and charge them regularly. Some people cleanse them every week, others only occasionally. It is something you will know intuitively. Full moon time is a good time to do this process as they can be charged by leaving them out overnight at  full moon […]

A rare event.

Wow, the Moon last night was extraordinary. It was so bright here it was just like day, very Narnia like. A truly magical thing to witness. The Night Goddess at her best. The next 24 hours see a very rare event indeed. Full Moon, lunar eclipse and of course the Winter Solstice all happening together. […]

Full moon.

Went for a walk with the dogs this evening just as dusk was falling. It was magic. All was still and the bright full Moon was a glory to behold. Who knows what changes will have been inflicted on our country by the time of the next full Moon on December 21st, Winter Solstice. According […]