Goats, Bees n Sun.

All the rain over the past month, and now this beautiful hot n sunny weather means the grass in the fields has shot up at a fast pace. The goats and Daphne ( she’s a donkey doncha know ), dont know where to start eating as there is so much choice!. The lovely girlie in […]

Spring cleaning Daphne ‘n’ the girls shed!.

Daphne our donkey is now sharing a field with Smokie, who is one of our goats. The other 2 goats, mother and daughter, Enid and Bella are in a seperate field. The field they have all been in since last Winter, is being rested for a few months. Let a bit of grass grow back, […]

Keeping Goats.

We have kept goats since returning to live in  Ireland in 1996. They are such characters, each with their own personality. All animals have their own personalities really but if you are involved in intensive farming you won’t want to see that. You can’t eat your friends! We are so happy not to be buying […]

More planting!

The predicted frost did’nt arrive, at least not here anyway, so planting of bare root trees continues. Our boundary hedges have some gaps which we are filling in with Hazel, Willow, Holly and Guelder Rose. Together with the long established Ash and Hawthorns a nice hedge will be formed. As well as being nice to […]

Daphne’s new shoes, wood collecting etc.

Daphne (our donkey) had a visit from our local farrier, Gerry Guihen on Friday. As farriers are a dying vocation in Ireland we consider ourselves to be lucky to have a good one like Gerry living in Drumshanbo. A donkeys hooves grow fast so they need to be pared about every 3 months. We collected a couple […]