Happy goats.

Our animals have really been enjoying the recent good weather. The come out much earlier in the morning when the sun is shining. The always stand with the full length of their bodies facing the sun, very clever, absorbing the sunshine to heat up their bodies after the coolness of night time.

Healthy treats.

All our animals get a foodie treat every day. In the pic they are getting apples which they love. In the Winter they get raw carrots which are great for getting rid of internal parasites. Daphne (the donkey) sometimes gets raw potatoes, the old people say that they are good for their kidneys. Goats won’t […]

Garden update.

Feels like Summer might be here. Seems like weeks since we had any serious rain. Most of the big tunnel is planted up now. Tomatoes, peppers and aubergines were planted out last week. Also planted out basil and lettuces. Basil was a bit small but it always takes off once its planted out. Dug in […]

A New Arrival.

Today at eleven thirty our goat Enid gave birth to a lovely female kid. She is to be called Bella, sort of after Bealtaine, as today is Lunar Bealtaine. Happy days. On the garden front work continues furiously, totally possessed by it all at the moment. Winter lettuce (Winter density), winter cauliflower (seed was a […]