Mulching the orchard ( part 2 )

Finally got round to putting strimmed grass around the trees in the orchard. Next job is to cover the grass with a mulch of manure. Our manure of choice is Daphne No2!. Daphne is our donkey, in case you did’nt already know!. The benefits of mulching are keeping down weeds, builds up the topsoil as […]

Planting raspberries.

We have decided to have another go at having raspberries after losing all of them last year. We transplanted them in the spring but they never took off, I think it was the wet year we had last year. Ever optimistic we have decided to try again. We moved all our potted plants and for […]


Do you always throw your grass clippings in some out of the way corner? Andy always cuts the grass here, it is all collected and I spread it , in thin layers around all our shrubs and fruit trees. Using mulch has several advantages besides getting rid of your grass. It stops moisture evaporating quickly […]