A different way to grow potatoes.

These Colleen potatoes were a trial we did in the polytunnel. We covered the ground with newspapers, put the potatoes on the papers and then covered with rushes. They were given the occasional comfrey feed, and this is the result!. We were amazed at the potatoes we got. Some of them are huge!. We will […]

Mulching the orchard (part 1)

We have a small orchard that consists of various fruit trees. The grass was about 2 feet tall, so we decided to mulch around the trees. I strimmed the area around the trees with a blade, NOT ¬†TWINE!. The blade keeps the grass intact, whereas twine would blast it to smithereens!. Move the grass to […]

St. Patrick’s Day & Garden Work.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, may it be a good one whatever you do. Here we are having a stay at home day, will probably watch the Dublin parade on the telly. St. Patrick’s Day parades were actually started in America and then the idea was imported into Ireland. The first parade was organized […]