L.J n Elaine’s permaganic paradise!

Our friend’s L.J and Elaine, own 6/7 acres of land over near Keadue. They are totally self sufficient. The house which L.j built consists of a mobile home with a wooden extension of the same size attached to it. Solar panels and a wind turbine provide all the electricity they need. 1000 litre water containers […]

A different way to grow potatoes.

These Colleen potatoes were a trial we did in the polytunnel. We covered the ground with newspapers, put the potatoes on the papers and then covered with rushes. They were given the occasional comfrey feed, and this is the result!. We were amazed at the potatoes we got. Some of them are huge!. We will […]

Elephant Hawk Moth.

We found this beauty sitting on a table in the large polytunnel this afternoon. It is the largest moth that I have ever seen, with a wingspan of 2 and 3 quarter inches!. If the table top looks a bit strange, it is because gravel has been put on top to aid drainage. The table […]

Garden Work and Saving Seeds.

Garden work continues apace here in Arigna. The last of the bare-root stuff was planted last week, into the earth and some in pots for planting out later. Dogwoods, red and yellow, were planted in the little tree plantation on the north-east side of the house. This area is in shade for part of the […]

Colette’s Garden.

 Bealtaine Garden surrounds Bealtaine Cottage, in Ballyfermoyle, near the village of Keadue. Set in 3 acres , this garden has been designed to incorporate all aspects of permaculture ethics. Ponds, woodland, spring well, stream, polytunnel, orchard, vegetable garden, soft fruit and over 300 young trees make this a delightful inspiring garden. Mown grass paths wind through plantings […]