A different way to grow potatoes.

These Colleen potatoes were a trial we did in the polytunnel. We covered the ground with newspapers, put the potatoes on the papers and then covered with rushes. They were given the occasional comfrey feed, and this is the result!. We were amazed at the potatoes we got. Some of them are huge!. We will […]

Spring cleaning Daphne ‘n’ the girls shed!.

Daphne our donkey is now sharing a field with Smokie, who is one of our goats. The other 2 goats, mother and daughter, Enid and Bella are in a seperate field. The field they have all been in since last Winter, is being rested for a few months. Let a bit of grass grow back, […]

St. Bridget’s Day.

So it is here, the first day of Spring, Imbolc, St. Bridget’s Day. Traditionally a time when our thoughts turn to land based activities, sowing seeds and preparing the soil. A time to leave behind the dark, thought filled days of Winter. The land and plant life is awakening and we too will emerge along […]