Rhubarb, salads and seeds.

Rhubarb is emerging from its Winter hibernation now and I am so looking forward to harvesting it, especially for Rhubarb and Ginger jam. This lot has been heavily mulched with manure so should give a good crop. The stools (root divisions of Rhubarb) were obtained from our friends Denis and Rita near Castlebaldwin last Spring. […]

Collaboration, Exploration and some Garden work too!

Went up to Kilronan Castle, which is’nt too far from us here, yesterday afternoon, to meet up with my friend Colette. Many of you will know Colette as Permaculture Cottage blogger and permacultarist extraordinaire. Anyway, Colette and I are collaborating on a year long project of which more will be revealed at a later stage. […]

9 Meals From Anarchy!

9 meals away from anarchy (3 days food), is a topic first mooted by Lord Cameron of Dillington, a farmer, who was the first head of the Countryside Agency in England.  The theory is that if someone misses 9 meals they will revert to barbaric behaviour to feed themselves and their families. In Ireland  three-quarters of […]

Pruning and planting.

Busy, busy time in the garden at the moment. Any pruning needs to be finished soon while the plants are still dormant, also the nesting season will be beginning soon, so pruning must be done by then. Grapevines and roses can bleed if pruned too late, ie when sap is rising. The Elders I pruned today […]