Tree stump removal.

It has been a Year since I last built a shed, so I thought it was time for a new one. It will be a storage shed for fuel, and somewhere to shelter the trailer. It is going to be joined to the chalet I built a good few Years ago. The tree stump that […]

Spring cleaning Daphne ‘n’ the girls shed!.

Daphne our donkey is now sharing a field with Smokie, who is one of our goats. The other 2 goats, mother and daughter, Enid and Bella are in a seperate field. The field they have all been in since last Winter, is being rested for a few months. Let a bit of grass grow back, […]

Bulbs, Sheds and Charity Shops.

There is a dusting of snow here again this morning and it is very cold. However, I am really feeling the garden ready to burst forth again despite whatever the weather may throw at it. Bulbs are already poking their heads through. Lots of bargain bulbs to be got in the shops at the moment. […]


I started by taking the sod (turf) away. The ground below the sod was solid enough, so I did,nt have to pour a concrete foundation. I use concrete blocksĀ  as the support to the frame for the decking. Just make sure the blocks are level horizontally, vertically & diagonally. Just screw the decking boards to […]