Ferris and Sam’s reed bed!

An alternative to the good old septic tank with overflow pipe going into your neighbours field!, is a reed bed system. A couple of friends, Ferris and Sam have installed one at their house. You start with a storage tank which holds solids and liquids. The liquid goes into a pipe and into the bed […]

Garden Work on a cold February Day.

So much rain has fallen here in the last week, the earth is saturated and unworkable. The Arigna river is in full flow trying to cope with all the water from the mountains. We can hear its rush from our back door. Still the Spring is progressing, Hazel and Willow catkins are out, days are […]

More planting!

The predicted frost did’nt arrive, at least not here anyway, so planting of bare root trees continues. Our boundary hedges have some gaps which we are filling in with Hazel, Willow, Holly and Guelder Rose. Together with the long established Ash and Hawthorns a nice hedge will be formed. As well as being nice to […]